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Removable Braces (Bionator, Activator)Removable appliances or braces are generally used for orthodontic treatment of children and adolescents. With so-called active plates the palate can be expanded slightly in order to create enough space for incoming permanent teeth.

Functional orthodontic appliances (such as bionator or activator) are used to adjust the development of the mandible (jaw) in a certain direction, for example in the case of an abnormal posterior positioning of the mandible (retrognathia). Often this leads to improved overall facial harmony, improved mastication and harmonization of the surrounding muscles.

Removable appliances are usually worn during the night and again for 4 hours in the afternoon. They don't have to be used at school. Colour and inlay motifs can be selected by the children themselves. The appliances are custom made.

An advantage of removable braces is their use of the body's own physiological forces, usually preventing any excessive pressure on muscles, temporomandibular joints, bones and periodontal ligaments.

Fixed braces - if at all necessary - are applied only after all permanent teeth have appeared, since fixed braces should be kept in the mouth for as short a time as possible. There are orthodontic treatments that only work with removable appliances. At times, however, fixed braces are required, as the brackets attached to the tooth crowns are able to move the teeth together with their roots. This is necessary in the case of heavy crowding and tipping of the teeth, in order to move the teeth into an optimal position.

After evaluation of the diagnostic results we will discuss with you the necessity of fixed or / and removable appliances.


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