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Holistic functional orthodontics with Bionator and Activator

The supporting structures of the body have many functions, for example to fight against gravity and keep the whole body in balance. If there is an imbalance in one place, the entire system can be affected.

Different leg lengths, uneven hips, scoliosis, wrong posture, cervical spine traumata and more can have an effect on dental and jaw malalignments, and vice versa.

In the same way, malposition of the tongue, thumb sucking, lip biting, etc. can promote jaw malposition. The temporomandibular joint will then also be affected. And via the temporomandibular joint there is a connection to the spine and to the entire neuromuscular system of the body.

Impaired function of the craniomandibular system (the chewing apparatus) – e.g. if there is a so-called craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD, which also includes jaw and teeth malalignment) - may in the long run also lead to malfunction and pain in the cervical spine system.

For example, crossbites (lower teeth overlapping the upper teeth) should be treated as early as possible, to prevent the lower jaw as well as the jaw joints from developping unevenly, which again may result in a  subsequent wrong development of the upper jaw. This in turn can lead to asymmetry and center deviation of the lower jaw, which cannot be treated any more once the growth process has ended. Further complications and even poor posture of the whole body may result.

With all these correlations in mind, we always give great importance to a holistic approach in the treatment of our patients, as  it allows us to reestablish a balance of the entire organism, taking into account the interplay of the teeth and jaw system with other structures of the body.   

In this context, the » "bionator” as a removable appliance may be suitable for children and adolescents.


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